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TWELVE by Kali Theatre

I was given the opportunity to create my first theatre set design this year. It was very well received.

Kali's Artistic Director, Janet Steel brought together twelve writers and a choreographer to explore this politically burning and culturally sensitive topic by researching twelve real life stories of women like Samaira Nazir, murdered for falling in love with an unsuitable boyfriend and Shafilea Ahmed, killed by her father after rejecting an arranged marriage proposal. Drawing on the statements of survivors, witnesses and support workers, each writer then wrote a piece inspired by the life and death of one of these women.

These twelve deeply moving, touching but often humorous stories of friendship, first love, defiance and death were interwoven with traditional and contemporary dance to create a unique and powerful theatre event that gave expression to these lost lives. The blend of classical Kathak and modern Laban dance was choreographed by internationally known dancer and campaigner Sheema Kermani.

The production performed at Brentford Watermans, Mac Birmingham and Rich Mix in Shoreditch.

Conceived and directed by Janet Steel

Choreography by Sheema Kermani

Setting & projection designed by Binita Walia

Costumes designed by Darien Mynarski

Lighting designed by Chris Corner

Music composed by Jai Channa

Performed by Patience James, Sheema Kermani, Maggie O'Brien, Aryana Ramkhalawon, Harvey Virdi, Amina Zia

Written by Sonali Bhattacharyya, Sharmila Chauhan, Satinder Chohan, Azma Dar, Tanika Gupta, Bettina Gracias, Sayan Kent, Yasmeen Khan, Anu Kumar, Amber Lone, Nessah Muthyand Yasmin Whittaker-Khan