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Memory Windows Memory Windows Memory Windows Memory Windows Memory Windows

Memory Windows

Memory Windows

St Nicholas Hospital, with MAAP Architects and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust, Newcastle

I was commissioned to create four windows for a new learning disabilities unit. The concept was conceived after consultation with the young people and staff of the centre.

Each piece represents a story or idea and the colours chosen for the artwork were derived through a workshop with the young people from the LD unit. The brief was to create artworks which would allow light into the spaces but obscure all external views into the courtyard below.

These artworks are special because I have worked on both panes of glass within a double glazed unit. This adds depth and allows the work to play with light and movement to create magical moments as the light alters from day to night and from sun to shade.

The ‘Ladder’ piece represents journeys and escape. The aerial view of Gosforth illustrates the hospital in relation to its surroundings.

The ‘Boats’ piece represents movement, travel and displacement and the boat sails contain images of sky, landscape and familiar local sites.

The ‘Pebble’ piece is inspired by the idea of a trip to the seaside and evokes a seaside landscape to get lost in. The sparkling image layered on top is a photograph of the sea taken out of focus.

The ‘Sky’ piece has been created to replace the sky which has been obscured by the artwork. The silver mirror form is the Millennium Bridge turned on its side and used a device to reflect the viewer into the work.