The Modern Woman is a series of installations by Binita Walia exploring cultural rebelliousness, gender heritage and women's sense of duty, making use of performance, video, textiles and everyday objects.

In my culture being called a 'Modern Woman' is usually because you are viewed as rebellious, dress and style yourself differently, are creative, have boyfriends or simply have an opinion. It is not really a compliment, although I always see it as one. When I was growing up 'she is so modern' could often be over heard at weddings and dinner parties describing women who did not fit the expected mould.

I use list-making as an artistic process, feeding back and contributing to both personal life and artistic practice. Many people order and manage their complex life through lists. The potency of these lists to express the minutiae of life as an artist, wife, mother and woman is evident and I elevate the ordinary feats of everyday tasks to a higher status by writing them and recreating them in gold.

In this new work I am mapping my personal historic and cultural and reference points using relevant mediums to express the ideas that draw on references to domesticity, relationships and responsibilities.

Arts Council England